Weekly challenge 5: Build a professional presence – Shuffle Q/A 3

41. A designer is interested in updating their existing online profiles as they start a job search. What is one of the first things they should do as they develop their online presence?

  • Create new accounts that are geared towards their career.
  • Do a Google Search on their name and review the results.
  • Remove personal photos from their social media presence.
  • Ask their friends and family to leave helpful comments.

42. A designer is interested in finding newsletters from prominent UX designers to learn more about new concepts in UX. What online community would be a good place to do that?

  • Dribbble
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Medium

43. A UX designer wants to create an updated portfolio to showcase their unique skills and values as a designer. They start by purchasing a custom domain name. To make a great first impression on website visitors, they add projects that highlight the type of work they do well. Then, they add a concise description of their personal design philosophy to help them stand out from the crowd.

This designer is applying what best practice to convey the value of their work?

  • Establish a personal brand
  • Tell a complex and detailed story
  • Leverage free online resources
  • Use widely available templates

44. Imagine that a designer writes content for their online portfolio. To come across as knowledgeable about UX design, they include industry terms and buzzwords that are trending in the design sector. What can this designer do to improve their written content?

  • Use brief, uncomplicated language
  • Add long descriptive paragraphs to hook readers
  • Remove written content and use primarily visual components
  • Increase buzzwords and industry terms

45. A UX designer is assembling examples of their work and examples of specific skills to share with hiring managers during their job search. What is this collection of examples called?

  • Social media profile
  • Design application
  • Design portfolio
  • Resume

46. In order to curate a cohesive personal brand that you identify with, what are a few questions you can ask yourself? Select all that apply.

  • What do I want people to recognize me for?
  • What have I learned to do well?
  • How do other people describe me and my talents?
  • What do I wish I was better at?

47. A designer is working on their portfolio. They are exploring how to demonstrate who they are and what makes them interesting. What term describes this content?

  • About me
  • Past experiences
  • Client testimonials
  • Personal branding

48. A UX designer is writing a personal statement. What helpful advice might you give this designer?

  • The best personal statements are at least a little silly.
  • The best personal statements are memorable and catchy.
  • The best personal statements are applicable to many people.
  • The best personal statements are at least a paragraph long

49. Beyond increasing a designer’s visibility, what is another benefit that social media can provide for designers?

  • Lead designers to interesting ideas and inspiration
  • Offer designers a platform to critique their own designs
  • Help designers obtain certificates in specialized fields
  • Allow designers to train with new tools that colleagues recommend

50. What should a designer include in their application for a design role?

  • Personal social media profiles
  • Design inspirations
  • Resume
  • Hobbies and interests

51. Imagine a designer is creating a portfolio and needs to write the introduction. Which of the following is an example best practice of an introduction?

  • “Hi, I’m Jenna. I believe the user is the center of any successful design solution.”
  • “Hello, I’m Jenna. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
  • “I like to create user-centered design experiences for underrepresented audiences.”

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