Week 1 – Introduction to foundations of digital marketing and e-commerce – Shuffle Q/A 2

25. You would like to work on different projects and develop a broad set of skills in your next role. Which of the following should you consider?

  • An agency role
  • A part-time role
  • An internship
  • An in-house role

26. There are a variety of roles and responsibilities in digital marketing. Which of the following are typical entry-level roles? Select all that apply.

  • Digital marketing coordinator
  • Account manager
  • Marketing associate
  • Email marketing specialist

27. Which of the following are typically job responsibilities for a digital marketing coordinator? Select all that apply.

  • Follow SEO best practices
  • Draft social media copy and obtain approvals
  • Analyze data from marketing campaigns
  • Approve and disburse funds for marketing activities

28. Which of the following best describes the quality of being curious as a digital marketer or e-commerce analyst?

  • Seek out answers about people—what they want, how they think, and what motivates them to take action..
  • Use analytical thinking to collect and organize information to spot patterns and solve problems.
  • Highlight unique qualities and get customers’ attention in creative ways.
  • Communicate insights effectively to an audience.

29. In an e-commerce role, you may be asked to monitor website analytics, optimize paid advertising campaigns using SEO, and manage an online marketing presence.

These tasks typically apply to which roles?

  • Product manager-level roles
  • Associate-level roles
  • Strategist-level roles
  • Account manager-level roles

30. As a new associate, you may be asked to follow SEO best practices, draft social media copy and obtain approvals, and monitor activities of returning customers.

Who typically fills this role?

  • Social media strategist
  • E-commerce product manager
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) specialist
  • Digital marketing coordinator

31. Digital marketing helps businesses create brand recognition in new and global markets. What does this mean? Select all that apply.

  • It’s a traditional form of marketing
  • It relies on local platforms like newspapers, and radio stations
  • It makes products and services accessible to a variety of people
  • It drives sales

32. Digital channels like email and social media allow businesses to personalize their communication.

What advantage of digital marketing does this refer to?

  • It reaches less people.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • You can build relationships with customers through direct communication.
  • It delivers faster results.

33. Which one of the following describes marketing roles?

  • Marketing coordinators’ tasks at a company are often disconnected and unrelated.
  • Specializing in a marketing field that aligns with your strengths is not recommended.
  • You are typically responsible for a wider range of marketing tasks in a large business than a small business.
  • A digital marketing coordinator and e-commerce analyst often share similar skills.

34. As a digital marketer or e-commerce analyst, you often collect and organize information to identify patterns, uncover trends, and solve problems.

Which skill does this refer to?

  • Writing
  • Analytical thinking
  • Storytelling
  • Curiosity

Shuffle Q/A 3

35. Fill in the blank: A(n)_____ role is when you work for a single company to market and sell their products.

  • agency
  • internship
  • staffing firm
  • in-house

36. With digital marketing you can reduce expenses by being very specific about serving ads to the right audiences at the right moments. Which advantage of digital marketing does this represent?

  • You can reach more people
  • You can build relationships with customers
  • Delivers faster results
  • It is more cost-effective

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