Week 2 – Understand search engine optimization (SEO) – Shuffle Q/A 2

25. Which search engine results pages (SERPs) feature displays a map and has listings of nearby businesses?

  • Featured snippet
  • Video
  • Rich results
  • Local results

26. As a marketer specializing in search engine optimization, you create articles with text, photos, and videos that satisfy searcher intent. This represents which SEO task?

  • Technical website development
  • Keyword research
  • Organizing a website’s structure
  • Content development

27. What keyword practice does Google's SEO quality guidelines recommend should be avoided?

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Keyword selection
  • Using keyword tools
  • Keyword research

28. Fill in the blank: Whenever possible, use _____ when creating new webpages.

  • http:// and not https:///
  • https:// and not http://
  • few recognizable words
  • a long URL

29. What provides search engines a summary of what a page is about?

  • URL
  • Keyword
  • Meta description
  • 404 page

30. One of the main processes of the Google search engine is indexing. What does this refer to?

  • Google stores web content with its location (the URL for each webpage)
  • Websites and platforms use different algorithms to decide what to show users
  • The Google search engine delivers relevant content for a user’s query
  • Google stores web content with its number of visitors

31. The search algorithm considers the meaning of a user’s search when ranking websites. What does this refer to?

  • The algorithm considers how easy the content is for a user to view and understand—in other words, if it is user friendly
  • The algorithm determines what content is relevant to the search based on the user’s keywords
  • The algorithm needs to establish what the user wants to find—in other words, the intent behind the query
  • The algorithm determines if popular websites link to or refer to the content on the website

32. Content development is a task involved with search engine optimization. What does this task include?

  • Finding terms and phrases that potential customers are typing into search engines
  • Tasks that ensure a website is well-organized and that it is easily crawled by search engines
  • Tasks related to hosting, webpage redirects, error pages, or use of JavaScript
  • Creating content such as text, videos, and photos that address the user’s search intent

33. Which pre-SEO work requires creating webpage content for searchers’ needs and not just replicating content that is already successful in the SERPs?

  • Know your competitors well
  • Know your website or organization’s goals
  • Brainstorm content for people first
  • Know your customers well

34. Fill in the blank: Website structure and navigation should include a consistent and readable _____.

  • contact page
  • business address
  • URL structure
  • business name

Shuffle Q/A 2

35. Fill in the blank: Visitors should be able to tell where a link will take them when they click on the _____.

  • home page
  • social media icons
  • URL
  • menu bar

36. What page informs the user that the webpage they were trying to visit does not exist?

  • 404 page
  • Bounce page
  • Sitemap page
  • Broken page

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